About Us

Ohio Waterjet Cutting is about building customers for life and we’ve been successfully doing that for 20 years!

It’s a Team Effort

Steve Van Dyke

Our fearless leader! Steve is the founder & CEO of Ohio Waterjet Cutting. Not a day goes by that Steve isn’t in the trenches with the team. His business ingenuity will astound you and it starts with always putting the customer first. From the humble beginnings in his garage in 1991 to his thriving company today, Steve is proud of his roots and is grateful for more than 2 decades of business success.

Howard Van Dyke

Howard is an engineering master! Known for being a math genius, Howard has an innate ability to manipulate numbers to make the machines perform to their highest ability and produce the desired outcome using multiple software programs.  Howard has  even been featured in Inventor Digest and Modern Machine Shop! We think you’ll agree, Howard’s engineering talent is off the charts!

Our Associates

Ohio Waterjet Cutting wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our loyal, dedicated associates. From the front office to the manufacturing floor, our hard-working teams strive to meet the highest standards in customer service and waterjet cutting tech savvy. From accurate work to getting parts out on time, our assoicates are simply the best!

Our Customers

It’s customers, just like you, that allow us to do what we love to do. Ohio Waterjet Cutting believes in the power of collaboration, both within our team and with our clients. By fostering open communication and teamwork, we achieve greater outcomes together. It all begins with great customers! Our #1 goal is customer satisfaction on every job.

Supporting Your Success Through Personalized Solutions & Services

We are known for our innovation and expertise delivering substantially more than you would get from a machine shop. Ohio Waterjet has developed proprietary, trade secret calibrations and methods in order to ensure tolerances of higher accuracy than those typically guaranteed by the machine builder. Depending on the part, tolerances of less than +/-0.003 inches can be maintained, when necessary.

Our philosophy is, “If it has a computer on it, we can make it do what it is told.” We understand the individuality of each customer, with their distinctive opportunities and challenges. You will leverage Ohio Waterjet Cutting’s engineering expertise, enjoy the one-off to thousands of parts, and appreciate tapping into state-of-the-art precision utilizing our trade secret calibrations. Ohio Waterjet Cutting will exceed your expectations every time while reducing countless hours in frustration with savings that boost your bottom line.

We are toolmakers with waterjets, not a plate house. Our experience with over 30,000 unique parts can help with how to make your part faster – better – cheaper. Often when we collaborate with customer needs, we can come up with a better solution from our years of experience.

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