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    There are many projects that we would love to show you, that are totally way cool, but we have signed […]

  • Barn Overlays

    The accents for this Marysville barn were designed to be waterjet cut. The aluminum door trim, sign and vent overlays […]

  • Outdoor Table Brackets

  • Buckeye Brass & Winds Sign


  • House Numbers

    These house numbers were cut on -YES, you guessed it- a waterjet cutting machine. They shine beautifully in the sunlight!

  • Waterjet Cut Plate with Angled Edge

    These plates were cut for a customer. ┬áNote the 15 degree and 20 degree angled edges, cut on a water […]

  • Fixture

    This industrial inspection fixture uses several materials: aluminum, plastic and stainless steel. The main plate is water jet cut from […]

  • WaterJet Quality Finish

    This sample part is an excellent representation of how the waterjet can cut different finishes on the same part. Each […]

  • Shooting Targets

    We cut these AR 500 Steel Shooting Targets for a local shooting range. ┬áThis is a good example of how […]

  • Steel RV Dashboard Replacement

    The RV Dashboard replacement that we cut on a waterjet machine is reminiscent of the old airplane cockpits. The original […]