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Updates from Ohio Waterjet Cutting

Ben T. Ebihara

“Thank you for the excellent work that you and your company’s personnel have done on our job.

I took a risk in designing a device believing that a better water-jet cutting equipment existed somewhere. After seeing your high quality work, I was rewarded for having that faith. At our lab (NASA-GRC) we do have a water-jet cutter, but I am embarrassed to admit that it appears to be quite antiquated and suitable only for roughing out a part when compared to yours. Ours would not be able to do what you have done where the finished dimensions are accurately produced  in the same cutting operation. One is impressed with its programmability, accuracy, and non-heat affected process.

In addition, I can’t say enough for its cost effectiveness. Today we are experiencing reduced developmental funding –“scarcity” maybe a better word. By fabricating our design through the conventional machining route, which may be slow and difficult, we would not have had enough money left to build or finish our prototype device.

Thank you again for the fine work and helping us to stay within our budget.”